Faculty of Arts and Science

In Arts and Science, we do more than just teach – our aim is to support and assist you as you expand the boundaries of your comfort zone and become an informed global citizen.

Explore your passions and your interests with an open mind

In the Faculty of Arts and Science, we want you to move outside your comfort zone, open your mind to new possibilities, and explore your passions and interests!

Fine Arts at Bishop's University

We are ready to help you achieve this goal by:

  • Encouraging you to pick and choose courses from different programs of study;
  • Emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary experience; and
  • Fostering the development of important soft skills, such as communication and teamwork.

After graduating, many of our students start their careers or choose to go on to do research, or to pursue graduate studies – who knows what path you’ll choose!

Choose the humanities if you’d like to develop your critical inquiry skills and your ability to communicate bold ideas, or if you want to prepare yourself for a lifetime of learning. Choose the social sciences if you want to better understand the human mind, behaviour, group dynamics, and social organizations, or if you would like to get involved in research on how humans impact our planet on a local and global scale. Study the natural sciences and mathematics if you’re ready to help find solutions to some of the challenges our world is facing today: global warming, genetic engineering, food production and the search for alternative energy. Here in the Faculty of the Arts and Science, the possibilities and combinations are vast, and the choice is yours!

The Faculty of Arts and Science is composed of three divisions:

Together, these three divisions encompass more than 30 different departments.

Have questions?

Have questions about a specific program or department in the Faculty of Arts and Science? We encourage you to contact the departmental chair directly for further information.

Office of the Dean of Arts and Science

For additional information about the Faculty of Arts and Science, visit the Office of the Dean’s page.


Art History
Arts Administration
Classical Studies
Études françaises et québécoises
Fine Arts
History and Global Studies
Liberal Arts
Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures:
German Studies
Hispanic Studies
Japanese Studies
Pre-Law Program

Natural sciences and mathematics

Biological Sciences
Computer Science
Physics and Astronomy
Interuniversity Partnership for Undergraduate Science Programs

Social sciences

Environment and Geography
Politics and International Studies
Sports Studies