School of Education

At Bishop’s, we believe teaching is both an intellectual pursuit and a rewarding career that demands a high level of social responsibility. Our goal is to inspire you, through theoretical learning and research-based practice, and to strengthen your leadership and critical reflection skills. We also want to help you transform yourself into a responsible and respectful educator who understands the importance of equity and social responsibility and values the transformative power of teaching.

Why study Education at Bishop’s?

The Bishop’s School of Education offers a two-step track leading to Elementary or Secondary teacher certification, as well as different options for graduate studies.

As a teaching and learning institution, the School of Education works in collaboration with the greater educational community, and is dedicated to developing reflective and exemplary educators. Our graduates are prepared to assume leadership roles in education as a result of theory- and practice-oriented courses founded on the principles of equity, responsibility, and respect for individual dignity.

In the School of Education, we combine hands-on, real world experience with challenging and stimulating coursework in subjects such as linguistic diversity, multicultural education, and individual differences, giving you the tools you need to teach locally – and around the world.


Bishop’s University’s graduating teachers are highly prized and sought out by school boards who know our reputation – built over the School of Education’s 117-year history – for preparing leaders with deep understandings of pedagogy, curriculum, and the skills to build student success.

Equity and social responsibility

Our program is built on the principles of equity and social responsibility and a commitment to the transformative power of teaching. We equip professionals with the thorough understanding and practical knowledge they need to change lives.

Research-based practice

We approach teaching as so much more than a job or a skill: we know it’s a vocation, an art, and a science based on ongoing research. We build your knowledge base in your teachable discipline, in child development, in curriculum and in the most current research and social issues.

Want to pursue a master’s in Education?

Our faculty members are experts in a range of issues based in current, exciting research. Visit our Faculty page to discover our areas of research expertise.


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Undergraduate courses and programs

Undergraduate courses and programs

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Graduate courses and programs

Graduate courses and programs