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We bring real-world experience into the classroom

Studying in the Williams School of Business provides you with a practical, experiential, interactive business education. You’ll learn to solve real-life dilemmas, devise innovative solutions for local companies and start building your own business network.

Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I will learn.Benjamin Franklin, 1750

We believe that teaching must be enriched by hands-on experience to develop competencies. Thanks to donations to the Bishop’s Foundation from National Bank and others who believe in our model, we now have a “Coordinator of Experiential Learning in Business” position to facilitate experiential learning opportunities. The Coordinator works with professors to create activities and assignments that put students in real-life situations. Students benefit from two strong networks, our own alumni network and the Dobson-Lagassé Entrepreneurship Centre local entrepreneurs network, who bring real-world experience into the classroom.

Why choose Bishop’s to study business?

70% Full-Time Professors

More than 70% of our undergraduate business courses are taught by full-time tenured professors. Not surprisingly, our professors know the students by their name and keep in touch even after graduation.

Smaller class size

The average size of our business classes is 50 students. It ensures that students engage in their own learning by participating in discussions and debates. Try to be a passive learner in a classroom that has only three rows, it’s impossible!

Work placements that count

Work placements will count towards the BBA degree. Each work placement being worth 3 credits, it could replace an elective, if a student desires so. Learn about our Co-operative Education Program!

SEED Portfolio

Upper-year Finance students manage an investment portfolio worth more than half a million dollars. Students invest in recognized North American equities, after prudent research and consulting with an external advisory board. Learn more about the SEED Portfolio.

A truly international flair

50% of WSB professors come from 8 countries other than Canada and 15% of our students are international. Being at Bishop’s is already an international experience, but we also have an active student exchange and study abroad program.

Teaching is a priority

Bishop’s is serious about teaching and professors cannot be promoted if their teaching performance is not satisfactory. Our culture clearly values teaching and supporting students in their academic endeavours.

A complete English immersion

Bishop’s offers the perfect environment for students who are eager to learn how to express themselves in English in a confident way in both professional and social settings. French-language students may write their exams in French.

An intimate environment

Most students live either on campus or within a kilometre. They spend the day on the campus, paint their face purple and cheer for the Gaiters, and participate in the many social, sport, cultural and intellectual activities that Bishop’s offers.

NIBS Accredited

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Have questions about studying Business Administration at Bishop’s? We encourage you to contact us: wsb@ubishops.ca.