Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Graduate ProgramsBishop’s University offers a selection of graduate programs designed to offer students the opportunity to further their academic and professional development all while remaining in the intimate setting of a small, liberal arts institution, where teacher-student interaction and small class sizes are always a priority. The following pages provide a snapshot of all graduate programs at Bishop’s, the criteria for admission and the application procedure. Through theoretical learning and research-based practice, Bishop’s University aims to offer its graduate students the opportunity to strengthen their leadership and critical reflection skills in order to better prepare them for a successful career.

See our PDF brochure for complete description of graduate-level programs offered at Bishop’s University.

The following graduate-level programs are offered at Bishop’s University:

Graduate Student Profiles

Yuyin Ning

Yuyin Ning: Tackling the Unequal Distribution of Educational Resources

Alumna Yuyin Ning ’18, from China, graduated from the Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) Leadership, Societies and Language. This course-based graduate program allows students to further their scholarly and professional development as educational leaders and aims at enhancing learning for the social, cultural, digital and economic needs of the 21st century. Continue Reading…

Kassandra Norrie

Kassandra Norrie: Studying the Implementation of the Ethics and Religious Culture Program in Rural Regions of Quebec

Roughly ten years ago, Quebec schools put an end to religious education and implemented the new Ethics and Religious Cultures program. Kassandra Norrie never experienced this new program as a student, but she was introduced to it at Bishop’s University as a student teacher. Continue Reading…

Tianqi Xiao

Tianqi Xiao: Research in Computational Problem Solving

Tianqi Xiao, originally from China, is 23 years old. She arrived in Canada seven years ago and attended high school in Ontario. Then she went on to obtain an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from MacEwan University in Alberta. When considering her options for further study and research, the decision to come to Bishop’s University was an easy one to make. Continue Reading…

Veeresh Pavate

Veeresh Pavate: An Unlikely Trajectory, An Inspiring Experience

Veeresh Pavate completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Business Administration in 2005. After some time spent on the job market teaching at the Cégep level and working in industry, Veeresh returned to Bishop’s to complete the course-based Master’s of Education (M. Ed.) in Leadership, Societies and Language, with the hopes of combining his two areas of expertise, teaching and learning technology. Continue Reading…



For more information on our graduate programs, please watch this recording of our Graduate Studies Q&A session (April 2020).