Student exchange and study abroad programs

Bishop’s students going on an international exchange

So you’ve decided to embark on an adventure abroad? We’re excited for you!

At Bishop’s, we believe that attaining a global perspective and having an international experience are important strengths for achieving success, and that these strengths are central to our university’s mission. Spending time abroad improves communication skills, demonstrates confidence, a sense of curiosity, and an openness to change and to challenges – all qualities that today’s employers are looking for.

Spending one or two semesters at a university in another country will also enhance your Bishop’s experience. Different horizons, different approaches, different encounters will only enrich you, both personally and academically.

How it works

  • You need a 70% cumulative average;
  • You need to complete 30 credits at BU before you can go;
  • Choose between 1 or 2 semesters, for a maximum of 30 credits;
  • You will be a full-time student, taking courses for 12 to 15 credits each semester;
  • You pay Bishop’s tuition and student fees for 15 or 30 credits;
  • You pay accommodation, meals, transportation, travel visa and other costs abroad.

How to apply

  • Check out the Partner Institutions web page to know what countries and universities you can go to. You can choose from over 500 university partners in dozens of countries around the world.
  • Visit the Student Mobility Office in Admissions to get the exchange application form and to ask your questions.
  • Meet with the chairperson of your academic program to have the courses you will take abroad approved.
  • Bring your application and all the required documents to the Student Mobility Office by January 30th for an exchange in the next Fall and/or Winter semesters.
  • Apply to the host university.

Top 10 reasons why you should study abroad

  1. Immerse yourself in another culture and enhance your cross-cultural knowledge. Become more fluent in the language you are studying at Bishop’s.
  2. Expand your worldview from a completely new perspective. Think globally.
  3. Enhance the value of your degree and invest in your future career path.
  4. Grow. Learn about yourself and what values define you. Toss your assumptions aside.
  5. Understand your academic program in a new way. The world is your campus!
  6. Strengthen adaptability, communication, confidence, and team-building skills.
  7. Create a memory for a lifetime. Be adventurous. Explore your new environment. Try different foods.
  8. Open your eyes and your mind to difference. Gain a new appreciation for your home country.
  9. Make new friends from around the world.
  10. Travel. Step outside your comfort zone. Push your limits. Embrace challenges.

Incoming international exchange students

So you’ve decided to come to Bishop’s University for your student exchange. Excellent choice! Please allow us to extend a great, big Purple welcome to you. We hope you will enjoy your time with us here in Quebec.

In this section, we’ve collected information and links that will help you get through the preparation phase of your exchange, and your arrival, with relative ease. You will find information about the BU application process, immigration procedures, health insurance, fees & living expenses, your arrival in Canada, and much more. See the International students section for more details.

Have questions? Stop by our FAQ and A-Z Guide pages for information to help make your arrival in the BU community easier.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bishop’s University soon!

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensionsOliver Wendell Holmes
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one pageAugustine

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