Student Services

Student Services at Bishop’s University provides opportunities for individual growth in a learning community where the student is the centre of our educational mission. We commit ourselves to improving the quality of student life so that each student achieves success.

Student Services continues to offer services to students via telephone and/or virtual sessions!

*** See our FAQ for Counselling, Career & SAAS for details ***

Health & Wellness

We provide confidential, on-campus services to support your physical, mental and spiritual health. We also offer support in managing your personal safety so that you can be at your best while attending BU.

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Career Development and Academic Facilitator

Professional and specialized services focusing on academic success, career development and leadership. Learn about events you don’t want to miss throughout the semesters. Find resources for your next step after graduation.

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Accessibility and Accommodations

Bishop’s Student Accessibility and Accommodations Services (SAAS) provides a wide range of support to students with disabilities. Explore our information and available services as well as documents you may need on your BU journey.

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Indigenous Student Support

Individual support and guidance to First Nations, Inuit and Métis students dedicated to their academic and social success. Learn about services offered, financial aid, and facilities dedicated to our Indigenous students.

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Student Services understands Bishop’s University to be a learning community in which the student is the centre of our educational mission.


We commit ourselves to work together with students and with all partners, both teaching and non-teaching, to enhance the quality of student life so that each student may experience the fullest personal growth, enjoy a learning environment that is just, mutually respectful and strives for academic excellence.

We support an atmosphere where both freedom of expression and civility are powerfully affirmed.

Further, we endorse a disciplined community where individuals accept their reciprocal obligations for the common good; where well-defined procedures of governance guide behaviour; where service to students is encouraged; and where a caring community supports the well-being of each individual.

Finally, we support the University as a community in which the heritage of Bishop’s is remembered, the contribution of students is honoured; where the rituals affirming tradition are acknowledged and the procedures governing change are widely shared.