Identification Cards

Bishop’s/Champlain students are provided with a photo identification card. The cards are the property of the University/College and are provided, initially, free of charge.

Your identification cards must be retained and presented at registration for an annual validation sticker.

All persons issued an ID are obliged to show it upon request to authorized officials of the University including all Security personnel. Many of our security problems are caused by persons no longer (or never were) members of the Bishop’s/Champlain community.

Identification cards serve a very useful purpose and should be kept on your person at all times. ID’s are used to gain access to varsity sports events and are required at all liquor related events according to law. For obvious reasons, only valid/current year ID’s can be accepted. Invalid cards or cards other than those issued for the current year will be confiscated by Security.

Lost ID’s may be replaced during the academic year in the Residence Office, Paterson Hall during regular University office hours. The cost of the replacement card is $15.00.

Emergency Transportation

Campus Security will call a taxi or an ambulance for the sick or injured.