The Chemistry Department has an excellent set of modern instruments (eg. 400 MHZ NMR), computers, and other equipment which is used by undergraduates in their laboratory courses and in research projects. This is in contrast to large universities where many instruments are reserved for graduate students only. Students at Bishop’s learn much from their extensive use of modern instrumentation and equipment, and benefit greatly from this knowledge in future employment and graduate studies.

Discover The Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department offers three distinct programs-Chemistry Honours, Chemistry Major, and Chemistry Minor.

Class sizes in chemistry courses are small, which promotes close personal contact between members of the faculty and students. The faculty are also heavily involved in undergraduate laboratories, which enhances this personal contact and results in a friendly and very productive learning experience in experimental chemistry.

Program strengths

  • All University-level lecture courses and tutorials are taught by full-time faculty.
  • All lab courses are carefully coordinated with the corresponding lecture courses and are taught and demonstrated by the same faculty member who teaches the co-requisite lecture course.
  • Bishop’s is a small University that is well-known for its one-on-one instruction in outstanding physical facilities, and well-known for the quality of its graduates.

Did you know ?

  • The Department of Chemistry’s “WWW Living-Book of Physical Chemistry: Problems – Maple-Assisted Solutions and Visualizations” is being regularly accessed by over two hundred institutions worldwide, and has been highly acclaimed with two international awards.
  • Over the past 30 years, over 85% of our Honours Biochemistry and Honours Chemistry graduates have consistently pursued graduate studies, usually directly to the doctoral level. Approximately 30% of these doctoral studies have been in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science.
  • Our best students have been most successful in winning prestigious NSERC Scholarships for postgraduate studies.

Courses & Programs

Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science

A comprehensive education on the science of the ingredients of beer, the brewing process and analytical methods specific to the brewing industry.

  • 2-semester program
  • 4-week internship in a commercial microbrewery
  • 200+ hours of brewing experience

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Chemistry Club

From the Chemistry Club Executive

The Chemistry Club is the perfect way for science students to get to know each other as well as experience Bishop’s to its fullest. We take part in a variety of events every year such as the natural science wine and cheese, potlucks at professors’ houses and a series of academic seminars designed for undergraduate chemistry students. Thanks to the small class size of our program, these events manage to create a really tight environment in the department.

We also contribute to the academic lifestyle of BU science students; there is excellent access to academic resources, such as computers and literature. We are also excited to have the only academic microbrewery in Quebec and The Maritimes.

The most important academic contributions is that you’ll get to know upper year students and professors on a personal level. They are the most valuable resource you can have, they’re always there to help you out.

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