Computer Science

We offer a solid Computer Science education in a Liberal Arts environment. We also integrate into our curriculum real-world experience including our co-operative education program and access to Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects. We are active in several research areas and we offer a research intensive Master’s programme as well as opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in cutting-edge research.


Solid Computer Science Education

We offer a solid and complete Computer Science education (Honours, Major, Minor). In addition, we offer interdisciplinary programmes (such as BAIT), and a number of certificates.


We are active in a number of research areas, including theoretical computer science, formal software engineering, and image processing. Our MSc programme is research intensive. We offer good opportunities for undergraduate students to be involved in cutting-edge research under USRA scholarships or similar. Several faculty are collaborating with fellow faculty from Université de Sherbrooke.

For our Francophones students — Pour nos étudiants francophones

A growing number of francophone students come to study Computer Science at Bishop’s. Computer Science is a language that everyone understands and speaks! We all speak Java and C++ and do the same Math. Many of our faculty are bilingual, and by the end of their degree, all Francophone students are bilingual as well!

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For our International prospective students

Over the years, we have had a large number of international students with limited command of the English language, who have been very successful in their studies, and have graduated with the highest awards and prizes on campus. Those who need help with their English can register in many ESL (English as a Second Language) courses while they take their Computer Science courses.

Did you know?

  • New! Our students have access to UCOSP projects thus obtaining real experience by building a substantial software system as part of a team distributed all over Canada.
  • Our co-op education program combines a student’s academic program with integrated work experiences through full-time work terms and regular academic sessions. The work terms are designed to present the students with the opportunity to blend theory and practice and to gain work experience.
  • We offer a research-intensive MSc program
  • Many of our 100-level courses are for the general population – no prerequisites
  • We are operating in a Liberal Arts environment: It is easy to combine other Majors (particularly Math and Physics) and Minors with your CS degree.

Courses & Programs


Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

UCOSP is a senior undergraduate course, which has been running since September 2008. In this course, teams of students from several schools work together on an open-source software project. Each student registers in the appropriate course at his or her home institution (in our case this course would be either CS 404 or CS 408) and works in tandem with their peers from across the country. During one intensive weekend early in the course, students travel to meet face-to-face and work together. Find out more about UCOSP on our Opportunities page.