The Department of Sociology provides students with theoretical and methodological tools and substantive insights which can assist them in understanding social life, social organization, and action. The program is designed to provide students with a broad intellectual and sociological background which will help prepare them for a variety of careers and for advanced study at graduate school. The small size of our program and the dedication of our faculty, allow us to provide personal attention to students and extensive access to faculty. Through required courses and study concentrations, students are given substantial flexibility in meeting individual intellectual pursuits and preparation for satisfying employment after university. We offer a minor, major, or honours in Sociology as well as three programs that allow students to concentrate their studies (see down). Students are encouraged to participate in the Experiential Learning program which is linked to their academic field of studies and involves course work and placement in an organization.

Why Study Sociology?

Sociology teaches us to think critically and creatively in the study of the world around us. It challenges us to think beyond taken-for-granted assumptions towards a more contextual and deeper understandings. In this way, Sociology not only prepares you for a dynamic work place, but also for the challenges that confront us in the 21st century. Join us in a rigorous and imaginative program of study that will provide you the knowledge and skills to understand the world around you, and ultimately how you change it.

Careers in Sociology

In addition to going on to graduate school, former students currently work in these professions: lawyer; teacher; radio host; social worker; counselor; health care worker; parole officer; international aid; immigration and citizenship; women shelter; policing; civil service; entrepreneur; web design; event planner; and data analyst among others.

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